T-72 Tank missions in Darayya Syria


MEN vs. TANKS I  -   Darayya Syria
  The powerful T-72 Raids.( 34min)



Men vs. Tanks I

The SAA intense Tank Raids into Darayya,
filmed by the Rebels while under fire. 

Best quality originals from
 the ww web  reworked




Tip:   † Death of a Tank †    Destroyed T-72 on  GoPro 



Mission to open grounds in Darayya
that got one Tank destroyed. †



Compilation  Anna


+ Subtitles



  72 Tanks with GoPro™ cameras - The battles in Darayya


The SAA offensive to push the Rebels south and out of Darayya as seen by the Tankers GoPro™ cameras onboard
 Compilation onboard-only footage cut from
Anna's reports

Source News ANNA http://www.youtube.com/newsanna
Rebels: http://www.facebook.com/F.S.Army

Raw Tank missions with Reworked ♫Sound

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Battle missions from Tanks equiped with ♪GoPro cameras

+ Subtitles


MEN vs. TANKS I      LL Comments




 Reworked ♪Sound to get T-72 feell'' recovered.